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NKKM was founded in 1996, when information technology became increasingly popular in Lithuania. It was Natalja Kazakova, a young IT specialist, who generated an idea to establish a computer school for children, where they could spend their free time learning things that were new enough at the time.

The idea soon turned into a real school with a clear vision and strategy, crowd of children and teachers who are truly passionate about teaching.

Over more than 20 years, NKKM have earned good reputation and trust of children and parents – almost 70% of children join NKKM following the recommendations of their friends. Children not only love the subjects they study, recommend school to others, but also return to become NKKM teachers after graduation.

Our teachers are true professionals of information technology. They work in IT companies, give lectures in higher education institutions or run their own businesses. And what is most important – these people are motivated to share their knowledge with children.

We have developed programs for children of different ages. Every year, the programs are reviewed, supplemented and updated in line with the latest trends in the IT world.

Our goal is for the children to come out after each activity and learn something new, interesting and look forward to the next meeting.

age 8-10 | STUDY PROGRAM

“My NKKM School”

This is where your acquaintance with the computer begins!

The general program consists of 6 semesters. Each semester is dedicated for a certain topic:

  • Drawing of comics and acquaintance with Adobe Photoshop
  • Making animation with Adobe Animate
  • 2D video game development (coding tools depend on teacher’s choice)
  • 3D video game development (coding tools depend on teacher’s choice)
  • Basics of video montage with Adobe Premiere Pro

When creating their projects, children learn the basics of programming, strengthen their knowledge of English and math, develop spatial and logical thinking, and creativity.

age 11-12 | STUDY PROGRAM

“Young Developers’ School”

You will gain fundamental knowledge about the computer and most important programs, and create your own website by yourself!

First part of the program is a general course lasting 1.5 academic years and covering these major topics:

  • Basic computer programs, settings, and configuration
  • Computer hardware components and specifications
  • Cloud computing, security, Windows OS
  • MS Office software package
  • Programming in Visual Basic (essentials)

Second part of the program is a WEB development course lasting 2 academic years and dealing with:

  • Basic technologies for building websites
  • Programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • Development of the own websites at the end of the course

age 13-17 | STUDY PROGRAM

“IT School”

You will understand computer hardware and software, and then will choose the field you like most of all – programming, WEB programming or systems administration!

First part of the program is a general course lasting 1 academic year and covering these major topics:

  • Computer system programs, settings, and configuration
  • System registry, local network, servers, remote control
  • Computer hardware components and specifications
  • Different operating systems, and their implementation
  • Security
  • Programming in Visual Basic (essentials)
  • Website development technologies
  • Etc.

Second part of the program is a specialized course lasting 2 academic years, and its type depends on each student choice:

Programming is a course for those who are interested in procedural and object-oriented programming. The course deals with:

  • Algorithms and data structures in C ++
  • Object-oriented programming in C#
  • Database management systems
  • Android app development
  • Game development in Unity
  • Etc.

WEB programming is a course for those who are interested in creating websites or e-shops. The course deals with:

  • Website development technologies (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Programming in JavaScript and PHP
  • MySQL database management system

Systems administration is a course to teach computer network administration and operating system (GNU/Linux, Windows and Windows Server) configuration:

  • Linux command line, graphical environment
  • Network security (malware, vulnerabilities in various systems and wireless networks, DoS-type attacks, etc.)

Programming ARDUINO (additional course after graduating the „IT school“)

This is a course for those who want to learn about microcontroller programming, create simple automation systems and robots:

  • Control of various devices – from simple LED lamp to RFID card reader
  • Internet of things (IoT) and development of remote-controlled robot
  • Arduino data processing using C#

for 12th graders

Preparation for the computer science exam

You will take the computer exam with self-confidence!

In this course:

  • learn the basics of programming in C ++
  • delve into the topics that will be needed to pass the exam
  • repeat the most important functions of Word and Excel
  • solve and analyze the exam tasks of the previous year

Preparation for the math exam

Solve math exam exercises like xx!

The goal of this course is consistent practice in solving math problems and math exercises that may be given in exam. You will get:

  • Systematized math course material
  • Introduction to the structure of the exam, types of exercises
  • Knowledge in solving practical exercises
  • Practice in analyzing and solving exercises of previous years’ exams
  • Discussions on the most frequent mistakes


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